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The CEIC is a non-profit, volunteer organization representing businesses and property owners in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) in Portland, Oregon.

Comprised of district property owners, businesses and makers, the CEIC strives to preserve and honor the district’s industrial roots while maintaining a vibrant and thriving community of diverse businesses.

A selection of topics that the CEIC and our Committees are working on:

  • Parking solutions
  • Multi-modal transport incentives
  • Graffiti abatement and mural projects
  • District clean up
  • Work force training
  • Land Use issues
  • District freight & manufacturing studies
District business growth since 2008
% of jobs in manufacturing
Years CEIC Operating


To maintain the Central Eastside Industrial District as an industrial sanctuary, ensure it continues to be a major employment zone for the city of Portland, and to protect the rights of property owners and businesses in the district.

CEIC History Timeline

  • 1891

    The Central Eastside is incorporated into the City of Portland and is the Pacific Northwest’s largest port. Double-decker docks, specializing primarily in the shipping and receiving of agricultural goods, lined the Willamette River’s east bank. Produce distribution and industrial service businesses developed along the railroad tracks and Union Avenue (now Martin Luther King Blvd).

  • 1978

    Governor Neil Goldschmidt and representatives from local Eastside businesses designed the District Sanctuary to preserve the district’s industrial character.

  • 1980

    Central Eastside Council [CEIC] created.

  • 1986

    District Urban Renewal Plan passed.

  • 1989

    Oregon Convention Center built on Eastside through CEIC advocacy.

  • 1992

    OMSI relocates to the Central Eastside with CEIC advocacy.

  • 2001

    Development of the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade with partial funding from the Urban Renewal Plan.

  • 2004

    Creation of Employment Opportunity Subarea Zoning to increase density in the area without threatening the district’s industrial character.

  • 2005

    Burnside Bridge Head Project.

  • 2008

    Advocacy for the preservation of Convention Plaza.

  • 2010

    Central Eastside Parking Plan initiated.

  • 2010

    Burnside-Couch Couplet created through CEIC advocacy.

  • 2012

    Formation of the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC), a sub-committee of the CEIC, in partnership with the Portland Bureau of Transportation to resolve current district parking issues and create parking management systems.

  • 2012-2015

    Development of the Portland Vision, Portland Plan, Central City 2035 Plan, and SE Quadrant Plan.

  • 2015

    Opening of the Tilikum Crossing. This pedestrian, bike and light rail bridge is first new bridge built across the river in the Portland metropolitan area since 1973.

  • Enhanced Services District (ESD) Approved


    In February 2019, Portland City Council unanimously voted to approve an Enhanced Services District in the Central Eastside. The Central Eastside’s Enhanced Services District is known as Central Eastside Together.


Our officers and board are made up of people like you who work, own and run a business in the district.

Deane Funk President Portland General Electric
Eric Cress Vice-President Urban Development Partners LP
Todd DeNeffe Secretary Cascade Commercial Real Estate
Lisa Lamanna Treasurer The Lamanna Company, LLC
Brad Malsin Past President Beam Development
Debbie Kitchin Director InterWorks
Randy Lauer Director American Medical Response
Bob Scott Director Columbia Bank
Dan Yates Director Portland Spirit
Peter Finley Fry Director AICP
Randy Miller Director Produce Row Management Co.
Paige Campbell Director Grady Britton
Bridgid Blackburn Director Cargo Inc.
Jim Kennison Director Franz
Adam Tyler Director Killian Pacific
Dietrich Wieland Director Mackenzie
Art Fortuna Director VT Group
Juliana Lukasik Director @Large Films
Janet Grayson Director Grayson Law LLP
Love Centerwall Director OMSI
Kate Merrill Executive Director Staff
Nyla Clark Community Engagement & Communications Manager Staff
Adrienne Chaillé Program Manager, Central Eastside Together and TPAC Staff

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