Lloyd EcoDistrict Presents: LED Lighting and Controls: Preparing for the New Normal

In the post-pandemic “new normal” commercial property occupancy patterns may be very different from the past. Property managers who have not upgraded their LED lighting or controls will be at a disadvantage in terms of flexibility and operating cost.

Join Lloyd EcoDistrict and Conserve Energy for a lunchtime webinar on Friday, June 11th o learn more about lighting controls and current financial incentives available for interior and exterior lighting projects.

The pandemic has resulted in a large percentage of traditional office staff working from home. As we are (hopefully) getting the pandemic under control, building managers and owners are planning for the return to the office and a “new normal.” It seems likely that the future of office work will involve flexible schedules, more remote work, and fewer days physically in the office for many workers. Looking to the future, if only a portion of employees come into the office on any given day, and potentially on varying schedules, traditional control schemes will not meet employee and business unit needs and could waste half, or more, of the energy used for HVAC and lighting. Fortunately, this challenge is also an opportunity to reduce energy consumption and improve employee satisfaction with new controls.

During the webinar Lloyd EcoDistrict and Conserve Energy will provide an overview of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls and Networked Lighting Controls, which can automatically adjust lighting based on occupancy and natural light. These new controls can also tailor lighting characteristics to occupant preferences resulting in greater satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, the lighting controls can be networked with the HVAC controls to adjust set-points, and adjust airflow based on occupancy in various areas. We will also discuss how LED lighting fixtures and controls are eligible for additional incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon.