TPAC July Meeting

4:00 PM         Introductions

4:02 PM         Approval of Agenda, Approval of June 28 Minutes – Bolliger

                        (7 required for quorum)

4:05 PM         Public Comment*  Bolliger

4:10 PM         Water Main Install  Sam Beresky, representing the Water Bureau

4:25 PM         Taggart Outfall Sewer Project Madison Levy

4:35 PM         2017-18 Budget Draft  Stark 

5:30 PM         Adjourn  Next meeting is 8/23/17

NOTE: Permanent Meeting Location change to PCC Room 102, Parking available for $2/2hrs

* A note to members of the public: Welcome and thank you for coming! The committee is happy to hear from you. For your convenience, public comment is at the top of the agenda. In an effort to keep the committee’s work on schedule, the committee may ask for comments to be brief depending on how many people would like to speak. For project updates and meeting announcements, feel free to provide your email address on the sign-in sheet.