July TPAC Meeting

4:00PM Welcome and Introductions – Deane Funk
4:02 Approval of Meeting Minutes
4:05 Public Comment*
4:10 Montgomery Park to Hollywood Transit and Land Use Development Strategy –
Kate Drennan, PBOT
4:30 MLK/Burnside to Ankeny Bike Path – PBOT
4:50 Safe Streets Initiative Update – All
5:00 Central Eastside Together (Enhanced Services District) Overview – Kate Merrill
and Adrienne Chaillé
5:25 Public Comment*
5:30 – Adjourn

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*A note to members of the public: Welcome and thank you for coming! The committee is
happy to hear from you. For your convenience, public comment is at the top of the
agenda. In an effort to keep the committee’s work on schedule, the committee may ask
for comments to be brief depending on how many people would like to speak. For
project updates and meeting announcements, feel free to provide your email address to ceic@ceic.cc