TPAC September 2019 Minutes



September 25th, 2019

Attendees: Dan Yates, Nathan Clark, Michelle Sprague, Adrienne Chaillé, Kate Merril, Nyla Clark, Julie Bennett, Tina McNethery, Chris Armes, Susan Pearce, Susan Lindsay


Approval of Minutes from August 2019

NClark motions to approve minutes, MSprague seconds, passes unanimously.


Public Comment

No Public Comment


TriMet letter

KMerril explains that after talking with Ryan Hashagen (Not in attendance) he felt we were not fully capturing the motion and all the information needed was not in the letter. KMerril added additional edits and information based on this conversation. 

The group all reads the new letter.


SPearce makes a motion to approve the TriMet letter, NClark seconds the motion, passes unanimously


Meter Placement

AChaille explains the PBOT map and also highlights the condensing as suggested. The group

discusses the suggestions and recommendations. 

Recommendation 1 – Maintain and meters

as suggested by PBOT around Burnside Bridgehead. 

Recommendation 2 – Remove parking

meters from around the westside of SE 8 th  between SE Stark & SE Oak and the two spots on the east side of SE 8 th  between SE Oak & SE Pine. 

Recommendation 3 – Remove metering the block face on the westside of SE 6 th between Washington and Stark. With these recommendations committee reaches goal of adding 50 new metered block faces and maintaining permit spaces.

After much group discussion NClark makes a Motion to approve recommendation 1, SPearce seconds the motion, passes unanimously


SPearce makes a motion to accept recommendation 2 & 3, MSprague seconds the motion, passes unanimously


TPAC Organizational Chart

KMerrill shows the organization chart for the CEIC. KMerrill goes over how the TPAC Committee works within the CEIC. TPAC is a partnership of the CEIC & PBOT.

SPearce asks if the executive committee for the ESD is different people than the CEIC board 

KMerrill explains yes, but there may be some overlap between the two groups but also a lot of new folks.

MSprague asks if the security committee is gone

KMerrill explains yes, that was a temporary committee, it has been replaced by the oversight committee.


Proposed Changes to Bylaws*

KMerrill explains the edits and changes to the bylaws that she is suggesting. 

SLindsay asks if the term limit changes came from the changes with civic life

KMerrill confirms that is where the change came from.

SPearce asks if the term limit is retroactive for current TPAC members.

KMerrill says that is not yet clear but most likely not.


NClark motions to approve changes to the bi-laws, MSprague seconds the motion, passes unanimously.


TPAC Recruitment, member trainings & requirements

KMerrill explains that TPAC current member allocation is not in line with the civic life guidelines. She suggests that we need more time to work on this and discuss more with the TPAC and the CEIC Board. The TPAC will have until March 31, 2020 to be in line with the guidelines.