TPAC May 2019 Minutes

TPAC Minutes May 22nd, 2019
Present: Chris Armes, Tina McNerthay, Julie Bennett, Michelle Sprague, Deane Funk,
Ryan Hashagan
Guest: Chris Mathieu, Wilfred Pinfold, Rob McDonald, Lee Leighton, Jon Reinke

1. MOU/ Budget Renewal discussion
KMerrill remarked that the projected expenditures for 2018-19 was not completely
assembled. Still need to work with PBOT on that, so this meeting focused on programs.
She suggested a transportation grant program $50,000 that could be administered
along with the ESD grants. Ex: car share, data collection
CArmes pointed to the guidelines in an ordinance passed in December about how
permit surcharge should be used. She urged committee to look at guidelines. The
primary goal is to reduce demand on parking. The is also a focus on providing
transportation to low income residents. In NW, that parking district already works with
Home Forward to distribute wallets. She requested that KMerrill send out the guidelines
to the group. KMerrill said that she would and stressed that, when the ordinance was
passed, the CEIC and TPAC was not aware it applied this permit district.
KMerrill mentioned that the Transportation Wallet doesn’t work for everyone and that
there is a desire to focus more on Hop Cards.
CArmes suggested TriMet’s universal pass program which is available for employers
with 20+ employees.
RHashagan felt that TriMet passes offer more all around and suggested PBOT talk to
TriMet (since so many smaller employers in our district). He wanted to use TPAC’s
leverage and negotiate higher up to be able to offer this for smaller businesses.
RJimmerson presented the shuttle numbers through April. Projected 1500 riders
through end of year.
DFunk felt that the TPAC needs to give the shuttle a chance, create trust and make
some adjustments to increase ridership.
RHashagan had concerns about our ROI for each passenger, at $133 per rider per year.
RJimmerson stressed the importance of diversifying investments, not putting all TDM
into the wallet.
KMerrill mentioned the need to look at more last mile solutions for commuters.

2. Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Presentation – Mike Pullen & Steve Drahota
– Multnomah County
If an earthquake happened today, the only viable crossing bridge would be Sellwood or
the Tillikum, but there would be no way to access the bridge because of the pilings.
Metro has declared Burnside as a lifeline route, leading to downtown with the fewest
overpasses. The feasibility study has been done and there are now have 4 alternatives.
They are currently in the environmental review phase and will be recommending 1 of
the 4 bridge options in Fall 2020. Construction is 5 years away and funded by local
funds. Currently they are working on the bridge because they had federal funding
allocated and the infrastructure was literally crumbling.

Recommending 4 build options:
– seismic retrofit
– fixed bridge (145 ft high because of coast guard)
– moveable bridge, same basic location but wider
– moveable bridge with NE Couch connection, extends the S curve instead of the tight
one there now

They considered a tunnel but they wouldn’t be able to go deep enough. A no build
scenario would mean accepting the bridge would collapse
The construction timeline would be 4-5 years, traffic would be detoured or they would
install a temporary, modular diversion bridge.
RJimmerson will bring back the different options to TPAC in the next 2-3 months
In between meetings, RJimmerson will be sending info about Sunday Parkways, a letter
for Ped PDX and a Central City in Motion project support letter to TPAC