Central Eastside Releases Data from 90-Day Reset

Portland, Ore. – Today, the Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) presented final numbers from the City of Portland’s “90-day reset,” a temporary measure to revitalize the Central Eastside and improve safety by stabilizing areas heavily impacted by camping, litter, and graffiti. 

The Reset kicked off on January 26, following a business forum CEIC convened in November. Business owners expressed the need for the City to address crime and safety concerns within the District, specifically the inner core. Since then, weekly conversations between the City of Portland, Central Eastside business leaders, and the community have identified key areas for improvement. 

“We appreciate the City of Portland’s efforts to address safety, cleanliness, and accessibility in our District,” said Clare Briglio, Executive Director of CEIC and Central Eastside Together (CET). “We’ve come a long way but are not there yet. It’s a work in progress, and we’re on the right track. Our businesses and residents deserve credit for their patience and passion during this time – our local economy has been hard hit, and they continue to show up and believe in this District.”

Briglio and the CEIC and CET Board of Directors have worked with businesses, residents, and City leadership to support the Central Eastside’s economic recovery by returning the District to a safe, clean, and accessible neighborhood for business owners, employees, residents, and visitors.

“Together, we have tackled complex and interconnected challenges,” said Briglio. “We have sought many solutions and paths forward. We are thankful for the City’s recent investment to get us back on track as they focus their resources on other Districts.”

Central Eastside Together, the enhanced service district or ESD, enhances the City’s basic services by coordinating cleaning, safety, and graffiti programs and providing training and resources for the community. The ESD has invested over $7 million in enhancement programs over the last four years. 

“It’s gratifying to see the City of Portland resume these basic services, which allow us to focus on the ‘enhanced’ part of our mission,” said Mike Larkin, Central Eastside Together Board Chair. “We know that safety is among the top concern in our community, and we will continue to invest the ESD resources in this area.  We are working hard to establish those services for this fiscal year, and with the Reset behind us, we look forward to developing new programs that highlight the uniqueness of the CEID.”

“We are continuing to meet with the City to relay issues reported to us by our members and move to solve these challenges,” said Eric Cress. “We will continue advocating for our members and a vibrant Central Eastside to ensure everyone who lives, works, and plays in the District can thrive.” 

Data results from the 90-day reset, provided by Mayor Wheelers Office: 

  • Lighting improvements: 220 trees wrapped with lights and activated throughout the District
  • Graffiti removal: 73,755 total square feet
  • Campsite assessments: 836
  • Unsanctioned camp removals: 321
  • Portland Police response: 89 arrests, 23 stolen vehicles recovered, and 19 firearms seized 
  • Pounds of trash removed by SOLVE: 4,963
  • Area cleaned by the Portland Bureau of Transportation: 9,830 square feet

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