RFI: Safety For All Services

Central Eastside: Thriving Urban Industrial District

Central Eastside seeks a partner to provide innovative, district-wide safety services as part of the ESD’s Sidewalk Operations: Safety for All Program. These new ‘Safety for All’ services are informed by a 12-month Safety Pilot Project in the northeast quadrant of the district (which had the 7th highest level of crimes against people and property in Portland per capita), extensive community outreach and City Council requirements. While the initial contract is 12-months, the ESD is ultimately looking for a partner to provide services for the 3-year life of the ESD (9/1/19-6/30/22). 

After more than two years of intense community outreach, in early 2019 Portland’s City Council unanimously approved Central Eastside’s request to create an Enhanced Services District (ESD). An Enhanced Services District (ESD) is Portland’s name for a tool that business and property owners in a defined commercial area like the Central Eastside can use to fund improvements that go above and beyond normal City services. Central Eastside’s ESD will foster a safer community, enhance the pedestrian experience, reinforce economic viability and promote Central Eastside’s unique identity through innovative and highly-responsive programs.

Central Eastside’s Core Values:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency
  • Equity


  • Increase cleanliness throughout the Central Eastside;
  • Improve safety for all in the Central Eastside;
  • Manage parking and transportation demand and improve wayfinding;
  • Brand the Central Eastside to increase business, customers and visitors;
  • Support innovation in all forms including strengthening Central Eastside as an employment center;
  • Increase economic viability of the Central Eastside and promote prosperity for all;
  • Ensure Central Eastside is an ideal place to create, work, live and visit.


6/19/19 no later than noon (12pm). Download RFI guidelines and application.


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